Backyard to Backcountry Podcast, is the brainchild of three very interesting fellows, who decided to spend the hours they weren’t doing something outside, creating a podcast and recording themselves talking about doing things outside…… like I said very interesting fellows. The focus of the podcast is to bring together all things related to the outdoors and our passion of being in it. From crazy stories of expeditions to the far reaches of the world, to great folks out there changing the outdoor recreation world and making it better for everyone of every age and background, and those small local shops and vendors making the great products we love using, this outdoor podcast covers it all.

So how about you meet these fine chaps!!! Well scroll down and learn more about these very interesting, adventure driven, and beer drinking guys!!!


20915145_10100320652418721_388387936481352035_n“Scuba” Steve Schreader- Host/ Producer

Steve grew up in the twin cities area of Minnesota, where outdoors has been a part of his life ever since he was in grade school. From cub scouts and becoming an Eagle Scout, they sowed the first seeds of his outdoor passion that fostered a love for the outdoors ever since. He has been over 200 trips to the Boundary Waters canoe area, both on solo trips and bringing high school students not the backcountry. He has taught at an environmental school and more recently has fallen in love with the world of mountaineering and alpine ski touring. In the near future he plans on taking a three-tier trip through the arrowhead of MN which will include Biking, Canoeing, and Backpacking his way over 1,000 miles of MN North Country, dubiously called the “Ode to Minnesota”, and has his sights set of a number of un-climbed peaks in Northern Canada in the next couple of years. Feel free to hit him up on Facebook or through the contact page on this site.

IMG_1773Adam “Chip” Vachon- co-host and Podcast Editor

Adam is a relatively new Minnesota transplant. Growing up in rural Maine, the woods were his playground, and he started participating in the Scouting program early. He continued on to become an Eagle Scout and work for 9 seasons at Camp William Hinds as a counselor primarily on the waterfront. In 2010 Adam “Chipmunk” Vachon hiked 800 miles of the Appalachian Trail, which sparked his obsession with ultralight backpacking and creating and designing his own gear. Starting in June 2018, Adam will be returning to attempt a thru-hike Appalachian Trail in under 70 days.

Kevin MKevin “Doc” Malloy- co-host and Social Media Guru

Kevin was born and raised in Michigan’s majestic and Upper Peninsula. He spent his summers playing in the woods, out on the water, and camping, while his winters were spent either on the slopes or on the snowshoe trails. After moving to Minnesota for college, Kevin discovered a love for climbing, backpacking, and running that has fueled much of his outdoor activities for the last 14 years. After getting degrees in History and Anthropology, he moved to Scotland to work on a masters in Environmental history. While there he took up “hill walking” in the Scottish Highlands, and is working towards summiting all 280 of the tallest mountains of Scotland. Upon returning to the States, Kevin moved to Wyoming where he completed a PhD in Anthropology, focusing on Archaeology, in 2015. Through his work he has gotten to travel throughout the world, visiting remote locations and studying the fascinating stories of humanities past. Currently, he is preparing to return to Wyoming for a few months to conduct research on archaeological materials from the Big Horn Mountains.